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Each piece of raw materials from the long forest ecological farms  

Each gram of ingredients are selected to ensure the quality of the products

Every product is the product of long Lin people strive for perfection

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Healthy Tips

Pork14How to eat the best ?

1、Blood neck that neck meat before an ear to the shoulder blade,In the bar,A measure of the phase

The same,Strong toughness。Suitable for make crispy Fried meat、Roast pork、Meat, etc。

2、Chick is located in the blood after the neck、Before the upper leg bone of a square of meat。

Succulent and delicate,The first half for crisp flesh,Cut pork、Meat,

Second half is suitable for oil meat、Fry the meat section、Stir-fry center, etc。


Ecological farming

Long forest ecological breeding of high crystallization

—— Long Lin black agate

Land of abundance of pure air to breathe

Accept seven temple of the holy baptism

Feel the permit heritage in one thousand

The quality of the Oriental taste long Lin

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